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Is Kim Kardashian Copying Solange's Wedding Photo ... Throwing Shade or Nah?

I do see a little shade being thrown over here, do you?...

So Kim Kardashian recently took a photo with her team over in Australia. The group is shot posing alongside mannequins in what looks like a similar shot from Solange's wedding day which also has her sister Beyonce, their mother Tina Knowles and others in the photo.

Call it mocking, imitation, recreating, copying, throwing shade or Kim being petty... but the two photos do look identical. 

I don't know, but maybe Kim is still mad at Bey for not attending her and Kanye's wedding back in May. Ha, ha, ha... she better watch out for that BeyHive, they come in full attack mode on the haters! 

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Fans of Beyonce and Solange noticed the similarities in the photos and wasted no time pointing them out. Some even pointed out that Kim's mother, Kris Jenner was trying to "steal Solange's shine" on her wedding day, when she released an old family photo of the Kardashian clan immediately after Solange's wedding photos went viral.

I caught one funny tweet from Twitter user @Gifted&Ratchet:

"Kim Kardashian needs to accept that Solange had the wedding of the year and she was not invited. Bye."

Is their some type of competition here for attention and who gets noticed more or are fans just trying to make it seem like the Knowles/Carters and the Kardashian's/Jenner's got some type of beef going on between the families?

Check out the two full size pictures below and see for yourself:

Solange Knowles, Alan Ferguson, Wedding, Vogue

Kim Kardashian, Instagram

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