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'Real World' Star Ryan Knight Dies Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday we received sad news that reality star Ryan Knight (who went by the name of "Knight") passed away. The 28-year-old starred on The Real World: New Orleans in 2010 and also several Challenge shows. 

Just two weeks ago, another fellow MTV reality star, Diem Brown, passed away from cancer. 

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Ryan's last Instagram photo was actually posted seven days ago which included a caption paying tribute to Diem along with a photo (shown below) of the two of them during a challenge:

Ryan's last Instagram post: "The life of the party even in 120 degree heat @diembrown"
Ryan's Twitter profile picture of him and MTV Challenge co-star Diem
According to reports, Ryan was partying on Thanksgiving Eve in Wisconsin. That same night, he ended up sleeping over a friends house and on Thanksgiving morning, a friend found him dead. 

It was reported that Ryan was found covered in vomit and that he may have choked on his own vomit. Although it is not confirmed, reports also reveal that Ryan told friends he was taking "some pills," but didn't reveal what they were. On his season of the Real World, it was revealed that Ryan used to be addicted to painkillers but was recovering. 

An autopsy has now been completed and no "anatomical cause of death" was 

determined. Police attempted to revive Ryan when his body was found. It was also reported 

that he was complaining of stomach issues for two days. The night before his death, Ryan was 

reportedly happy and upbeat, talking about someone new he was dating.

The new person Ryan was dating is Makenzie Jauer who is now left heartbroken over his death. She posted the following messages along with photos of the two of them:

"You were outrageous, but so kind. Thank you for making this earth smile and thank you for loving my little just as much as I do. Rest in peace, Ryan Knight."

"I am so angry at God right now. My heart is completely broken."

Ryan's Real World and Challenge cast mates also poured out their feelings and memories of Ryan. His ex-girlfriend from the New Orleans season, Jemmye Carroll tweeted: 

On-again, off-again Real World couple Jemmye and Ryan
"Words will never be enough to justify the connection we shared and the pain I will forever feel. RIP"

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