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Woah! Kim Kardashian Bares All of Her Apple Bottom on Cover of 'Paper Magazine'


Is the internet breaking? Working slower? ... not for me, I'm still blogging over here. Kim Kardashian is trying to crash our computers with her bootylicious bottom (in the below shot)!

Her naked butt is being plastered all over the internet on the latest cover of Paper Magazine who is introducing Kim as their "winter cover star." 

(*See the pic after the jump)

Kim posted the pictures up on her Instagram page just a couple of hours a ago. In one caption she wrote #BreakTheInternet and in another caption she reveals the photos were shot in Paris.

Of course, people are going goo-goo-ga-ga over Kim's apple bottom, but one comment stuck out to me in particular from IG user: @gucci.kiegab:

"I'm stumped! Don't get it! Doesn't your husband care you do this? You don't need the money, or exposure. Be a mom, your life isn't like it use to be. You're a mom now."

Now Kim most likely won't see that comment or many other comments from people who are not pleased with the nude shot because her bottom is too busy breaking the internet. I must say I do agree with @gucci.kiegab ... and please don't think I'm a hater. Kim K. has a fabulous donk (I like J. Lo's better though), but is this all she can do?

No wait... Kim tweeted:

"And they say I didn't have a talent...try balancing a champagne glass on your ass LOL "

There's her talent, we found it! 

Anways, peep the other photo below exposing her ASSets... Well, not on my post! Sorry... I drew in some panties for Kim. Hahaa!

Woaaaahh Kim! Geez! ...
Excuse me, but It seems like Kim K. forgot to wear her undies on the cover of Paper magazine, so I drew in some pink panties for her. No need to thank me! ;)

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