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Diddy Put Them Paws on Drake!

*Update - Allegedly the song Drake stole from Diddy and didn't have the proper music rights to was Drake's hit record "0 to 100."

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Drake is not only stealing chicks, but he's getting into fights and stealing Diddy's music without the proper rights! Geez Drizzy.

Drake and Diddy came to blows at LIV in Miami Beach late last night. They were both staying at the upscale hotel during the week-long Art Basel festival. 

During their nightclub brawl, sources are saying Diddy left Drake beat up after getting a couple of punches in! This allegedly left Drake in a hospital while Diddy went back inside the nightclub chilling in a V.I.P. booth. 

Oh snap! Puff was like "take that, take that." Hahaa! 

Drake reportedly disrespected Diddy by using music without proper rights. Others were saying the fight came after Drake made an offensive comment to Diddy’s girlfriend, singer Cassie.

“Diddy put hands on that boy … And he ain’t go 0-100 … That boy left,” wrote DJ Sam Sneak on Twitter.

“Drake at the hospital smh,” he also wrote. “He dislocated his shoulder. Yall pray for Drake.”

DJ Sam Sneak later tweeted, “It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie.” 

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