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Jazmine Sullivan Posts a Body-Positive Message on Instagram, Plus Watch Her New Video "Forever Don't Last"

The talent on this woman is amazing!
Jazmine Sullivan has released a new video! "Forever Don't Last" which is the second single from her upcoming album Reality Show.

The new song is inspired by a bad relationship from her recent past. In the video below, Jazmine dreams of a long-lasting relationship but soon realizes the fairy-tale romance doesn't happen for everyone. 

She recently opened up about her last relationship in an interview with blogger NecoleBitchie and said: 

"Well, to be honest I’ll say this because I don’t say it a lot, but I was in a really bad relationship and it became abusive. Physically abusive, emotionally abusive, everything. It was really bad."

The singer announced back in 2011 via Twitter she was taking a break from the music industry. But, now she's back! 

Lately, the 27-year-old has been performing at different venues from Los Angeles to New York and is gearing up for her third album which does not have a release date as of yet but is due out sometime next year. 

While speaking about her new album, Jazmine said: “I put a lot of work into my album and a lot of work into just myself period. I just feel like it’s time. I don’t need to hide anymore.”

Check out the visuals to her new song below!

Jazmine also opened up about her weight and recently posted a lengthily message on her Instagram page for anyone out there who has something to say about her thickness.

"Real quick y'all... IM BIG!!!! #nowcarryon #sheesh lol seriously tho, first and foremost I'm an artist. So my main focus from now until the day I die will be my art. Secondly I'm a regular woman. My weight fluctuates depending on what I decide to put down my throat that week. If anything I'd hope that whatever u see in me serves as a reflection and inspires u to love or change certain things abt YOUR life. That's all I want to be for u. That's all I have to offer. Please don't idolize or put me on a pedestal cuz I'll be the first to admit I can't live up to anyone's expectations. I'm figuring this shit out day by day like the rest of y'all. If me being or looking big makes you uncomfortable... Well I feel sorry for u. And if u must say something screenshot the pic and talk shit to ur friends thru text like the rest of us do! 😩😂. ALLS I'm saying is I love u regardless and want u to spend ur day being happy and growing as an individual. With all my ❤️😘✌️"

Who cares about her weight! 

Jazmine's vocal talent is insane and I'm excited she's back. I can't tell you how many times I've played her Fearless album "After the Hurricane" and "In Love With Another Man"... what!

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