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New Video: Elle Varner's "Cold Case"

I can't WAIT for Elle Varner's upcoming sophomore album 4 Letter Word to drop next year!

The singer recently released an artistic visual to accompany her new song "Cold Case." While the visual doesn’t feature Elle, it does show the stages of love that many couples go through. 

You know, the beginning of a relationship are all flowers and sunshine. Like Elle says in the beginning of "Cold Case":

 "Aww love is such a beautiful thing
So f*cking beautiful...
Especially in the beginning
When everyone's so happy
And so honest, and so real and...
Loving and affectionate..."

Give the relationship some time, things start to change. That four letter word is some powerful stuff! Check out Elle's new video below:

Also, I'ma need the radio stations to play more of her music! 

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