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When Social Media Goes Left: Barry University Law Student Calls Entrepreneur Karen Civil a N*gger on Instragram


With the recent Eric Garner and Mike Brown tragedies, supporters and protestors have come together all over the nation to take a stand.

Yesterday, famed blogger and entrepreneur Karen Civil posted on her Instagram page her thoughts on the Ferguson situation and stopping police brutality. She said:

"As Americans we are born with rights. The right to liberty, the right to security and essentially the right to have life. The tragedies of Mike Brown and Eric Garner have left many Americans questioning our judicial system and our security as American citizens. Tonight's #LiveCivilTour was dedicated to reminding our generation that your life is of value, you matter and your voice will not be silenced. #unitedwestand #handsupdontshoot"

Now, this is totally fine, it's her page. Karen is expressing her thoughts and opinion like the rest of us. And then, things went left...

Here comes some random commenter by the name of Daniella Pedrozo, who took it upon herself to say:

"the only Americans questioning the system are the African Americans. As a lawyer, get over it."

And, by the way, she is not an attorney, Daniella is a first year law student at Barry University.

Karen Civil replied, "better yet get off my page."

Then Daniella replied, "block me you nigger."

Karen became the target of a racial attack as the Barry University student called her a n*gger. Karen kept it classy although some other commenters called Daniella names, she didn't. She instead took a screenshot of Daniella's profile and said:

"Or maybe I should let @daniella_pedrozo school @barryuniversity know about her racist remarks. Today's Lesson: Keep It Cute. Love & Light Everyone!"
News about Daniella's racist remark started spreading and she was in fact reported to Barry University. 
The Dean of the school did some "investigating" and then issued a statement via Facebook and they're actually DEFENDING the student, saying her phone was stolen. Ha, yeah ok!
"An important message from Barry Law School Dean Leticia Diaz regarding inflammatory posts made on a law student's Instagram account:

On Thursday, December 4, several inflammatory and offensive posts were made on Instagram using an account owned by a Barry Law student. These comments were not made by the student. The student lost her cell phone on Thursday. The phone was not password-protected, and the comments in question were apparently posted by the person who took the phone. As soon as the student became aware of the situation, she took all appropriate measures, contacting Instagram and her mobile service provider, as well as filing police reports with the Coral Gables and City of Miami police departments.

As dean of Barry University School of Law, I want to make clear that Barry University does not condone and does not tolerate any discriminatory remarks or behavior. We condemn them in the strongest terms. The University is committed to providing a work and learning environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and other prohibited conduct.

Dean Leticia M. Diaz"
After this statement was released, Karen tweeted:

"Disappointing @BarryUniversity would find an excuse for Daniella's behavior rather than hold her accountable. "

Others left comments on Barry University's post and are disappointed. They feel as if the school is covering for their - what Daniella is being called - "racist student." Some even said Daniella's parents or someone linked to her must be making a large contribution to the school.
The Dean decided to also say, “I want to assure you that we are continuing to investigate this matter, fully. We find the comments addressed to Karen Civil abhorrent and such behavior will not be tolerated at Barry University School of Law.”
Hmm mmm...
So, if you peep Daniella's profile above and her LinkedIn profile, it says she is a Doctor's Assistant at Athenea Dermatology which is under Alejandro Pedrozo III, M.D, P.A. Daniella is the daughter of the very well-known Miami doctor.
Yup, ching ching.

This is what I don't get... why go on someone else's page to criticize them? Why so much hatred? You don't have to agree with someone's comments or views, but straight out calling someone a n*gger on their page is disrespectful and I wouldn't tolerate it either.

Don't play the victim saying your phone got stolen. No, it didn't.

Daniella said what she said, not thinking twice about it. Once commenters peeped her remarks, called her out and everything started blowing up, she deleted her "n*gger" comment and made her Instagram page private.

Maybe she thought it would all go away. Well, it didn't. Technology... screenshots... one hell of a tool. Think before you post because stuff lives on the internet forever. Now, when you Google Daniella's name, she's blasted as being involved in a racial controversy for her remark.  

She obviously was seeking attention and has hate in her heart. Well, she has her five minutes of fame now. Congratulations Daniella on being labeled a racist on the internet.

Peep what some of Karen's supporters had to say:

@the_world000: "They should actually check the location settings on the phone and her caller list around this time and make them public. I'm not buying her petty, cowardly lies. Disgusting human @daniella_perdozo you're disgusting. You should go and get a checkout job in Walmart, how are you going to be a good lawyer if you can't even come up with a better cover story regarding the comment. Why would the person who made the comment from your phone IMMEDIATELY make your page private? Disgusting. Karma, I truly believe in it, you will find yourself at the end of injustice someday and you may find if is you questioning the effectiveness of the judicial system"
@__southernbred__"SMDH she makes us Barry University students look bad. Even though I don't go there anymore she makes me not want to re-enroll like I planned on doing in January"

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