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WTF Wednesdays: Dumbest "Music" Video of 2014 Goes to DJ Khaled for "Hold You Down"

WTF Wednesday's are back! 

Dissecting DJ Khaled's "Hold You Down" video

Google "DJ Khaled dumb video" and "Hold You Down" is guaranteed to pop up on your results list. Why? Because this "music" video is complete crap.

Now, the song itself is not too bad. I'm sure you've heard it, it's all over the radio. "Hold You Down" features a lineup of Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future and Jeremih. 

Khaled's "music" video got over 33 million views on YouTube which baffles my mind because it's awful. Also, this is NOT a music video. This video is just an advertisement for various products.

The first time I watched this video, I asked myself, "what the f*ck did I just watch?" No, seriously, I did.

Firstly, Khaled is wearing headphones throughout the video and this irks me. I don't mind a little marketing, you know, getting your new product or your brand out there... but what he did was overkill. 

Bruh, there's no need to rock those headphones throughout almost the entire video!

Back in June, Khaled made the announcement about his 'We The Best Sound H6' by B&O headphones:

“Today I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Heads Audio & Bang Olufsen to create the best audio in the market place, We The Best Sound,” Khaled said in a statement.  (via: MTV News)

"Hold You Down" was released about a month after this announcement. The video starts off with a car pulling up to a mansion. As the car pulls up to the gate, there's this big 'ol tour bus off to the side which displays an ad showing off DJ Khaled and his headphones. His saying "We The Best" is also on the bus. I'm so tired of him saying that! Just ban that phrase. 

Anyways, so now we're introduced to Khaled's headphones in the video.*2VMn2*yifg4bg8opkMWqshPSGd-yApZ-SrcwFT2RTFEvnNLiNHyWk-/DJKhaledFeat.ChrisBrownHoldYouDownDetailsVideo.jpg

Also in the beginning, Khaled gets out of the car with a chick... and with those headphones on his head! Why does he have headphones on his head when he's in a car with a chick?  Are you tuning her out? I know I'm overthinking things, but this scene looks dumb and he video already starts off bad.

Secondly, the dialogue in the beginning is so uncomfortable (but Khaled speaking doesn't get any better throughout the video). He starts talking to his chick, points at her and says, "baby you smart, you very smart. Matter fact you a genius."

Umm, okay.

Khaled then promises to show the girl something she's never seen before since she lets him hustle and do what he has to do in these streets. So he's going to hold her down... hence the title of the song. 

In the next scene, we see Chris Brown singing with the rest of the R&B troop behind him as they stand around in this huge entrance-way inside the mansion with two fancy staircases on both sides.

Chris is singing ... but, here comes Khaled (with those damn headphones on) and he says "DJ Khaled!" ... just incase you forgot his name. 

Jeremih sings, and I'm enjoying his voice ... here comes Khaled interrupting again and says, "We The Best Music" ... this is just incase you forgot the name of his brand. 

Khaled said a sentence, so he's good for now.

We see some chicks in their bras and panties, lingerie and they're on the couch, in the pool, everywhere. This is typical though, a video like this needs hot, half-naked chicks, right? 

Chris Brown is sitting on a bed singing and a chick is on the floor in front of him and they are both surrounded by a bunch of shoe boxes, high heels and red bottoms. Why? Well, like Chris sings... because the girl deserves it for holding him down... duhhh.

The funniest scene of the entire video
Now lets fast forward to the scene where DJ Khaled and his chick are sitting at the table. He's smoking hookah, she's playing with her hair and looks like she doesn't want to be there (but she's going to sit there, he has money) and there's a big bag of cash on the table. 

Khaled says to his chick: "Say my name, baby."

She answers: "DJ Khaled."

He says it again, "Say my name, baby!"

... Umm, did you not hear her the first time? Dafuq, lol.

She answers him again and says his name. 

Then, Khaled tells her again that she's smart and he gives her like five or six large stacks of money. As he counts out each stack, he tells her to go buy a house, buy her whole family a house and whatnot because she's loyal and grateful. 

The scene isn't over ... Khaled asks her again to say his name for a third time! ... This is sooo weird! Lol.

Now this awkward scene is ending with Khaled putting those headphones on her ears and he tells her to "let the music take control, let 'We The Best' sound take control, baby."

Hahaaa! This is just the worst and this chick is clearly an object.

With all these R&B singers on this song, this video should have been soooo much better than what it was. There's a lot of different product placement going around in the video, and obviously it was just all one big marketing thing for Khaled. He wants viewers to know he has his own brand of headphones. So to the 33 mil + people who viewed this, including myself, now we know.

Khaled even ends the video saying he has "the best headphones in the game." Sigh.

So yeah, DJ Khaled's "Hold You Down" gets the worst video of 2014.

If you haven't seen "Hold You Down" and want to see what I'm ranting about, watch below if you dare. The video is six and a half minutes long for no reason!

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