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A Quick Chat With 'Love & Hip Hop' Newbie Jhonni Blaze, Her Upcoming EP and What Started the Beef With Erica Mena

Jhonni Blaze (real name Jzapal Jackson) will be bringing a little spice to Love & Hip Hop New York this season as she makes her debut next Monday (Feb. 2).

I got the chance to chat with the reality star via phone on Saturday. The New York native is a cool, loveable person and if you follow her on Instagram, you would also see she is very funny and musically talented.

Jhonni's fans love her and she has a large presence on Instagram. Her account has been hacked and deleted a number of times, but now she's back and is coming to a TV screen near you.  

In the LHNNY super trailer, we see Jhonni in the studio with her LHNNY co-star, manager and "former love interest" Rich Dollaz where she'll pop off on a chick saying she can go from "0 to 100 real quick."

Jhonni's Past

The LHHNY newcomer has been through a lot in her life. In an interview with VladTV (uploaded below), Jhonni gets emotional when discussing the death of her boyfriend, Brian Washington who was shot and killed in front of her in 2013.

The vixen also made a big splash in the media back in October for her involvement during a police investigation with rapper Drake.

Jhonni is a former popular exotic dancer. She's been in music videos for stars, such as Chris Brown, French Montana and many more, and she's been featured on the cover of a number of popular magazines like XXL and Hip Hop Weekly

Jhonni says she has nothing to hide and she has no problem talking about her past. This is one of the reasons why I like her because she's upfront and real.

Jhonni is Musically Talented

Aside from all the reality show and Instagram drama, homegirl can sang and she plays several instruments, including the piano! She is currently signed to Rich's label Dollaz Unlimited in hopes of furthering her music career. Jhonni is releasing an EP in March and said whatever she's going through, she incorporates it into her music. 

Jhonni showcases her vocal skills on Instagram and she recently shot a music video for a song called "Speechless."

Check out some of her videos below as well as a behind-the-scene photo from her video shoot:

Behind-the-scenes look of Jhonni's "Speechless" video

A video posted by Jhonni Blaze (@vh1jhonniblaze) on

Beef With LHHNY Co-Star Erica Mena

There's some bad blood between Jhonni and a couple of well-known Love & Hip Hop reality stars: Moniece Slaughter from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Diamond Strawberry from this season of LHHNY and also Erica Mena.

Over the weekend, I posted a video on my Instagram page showing Erica having some problems with not making an appearance at a club at which she was supposedly paid for.
Well, Erica responded to my Instagram post to clear up what was shown on the video.

"Yup you damn skippy ! If you don't got my money I'm not showing up! Period. All those weak promotors trying to get press enjoy. ☺️ you made it," Erica said in response.

But, Jhonni Blaze blasted her and said Erica is lying.

"Erica got booked for 4500 hold on I get booked for that . wasn't u on TV more than me ? Anyway took the money and bounced just because so u stiffed a promoter that is booking me the same price for what ? You thought I wouldn't know . I thought you was bossed up ma . so tell your hubbie stop coming for mya performance when you ain't to far from being on the pole to save his "roll bounce" movie for failing financially . girl bye Erica mena"

Jhonni's clapback game is strong!

On the phone, Jhonni told me she's close to the promoters who Erica supposedly stiffed. She explained her and Erica both got booked and paid the same amount of money.
"I'm getting the same amount as you and I didn't even appear on the show yet!" Jhonni said.

But Erica allegedly took the promoters' money, asked for another thousand dollars and didn't show up, according to Jhonni. Erica also supposedly tried to continue staying in the hotel that the promoters' paid for, but she got kicked out. 

"You out here stealing promoters' money," Jhonni said.

Jhonni even got at Erica's fiancé Bow Wow for throwing shade at singer Mya (read more about story here). Jhonni posted on Instagram, "Mya I love you, at the end of the day if she wanted to perform at the club or for a homeless person its her business."

While on the phone, I asked Jhonni what exactly started the beef between her and Erica. She said Erica called her a monkey and talked about her deceased boyfriend. Erica said something along the lines, "aren't you the reason why he died?" Really reckless.

Jhonni also told me on the phone Erica does cocaine. She also said Erica didn't want to film any scenes with her during the taping of Love & Hip Hop.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Jhonni said she didn't understand why Erica was coming for her and called her a "bum a** b*tch."

Jhonni also said on Instagram to Erica, "Go sit in the 'sit the f*ck down' seat," this was posted a long with a photo of Erica shown sitting on a toilet with her pants down while she smiled at the camera.

"Your 29, still ain't got custody of your kid," Jhonni posted. "Just because your a fake married thot don't make you no better than anyone else. Besides the body count of 678 people u f*cked being a hoe for..."

Jhonni's message to Erica"at the reunion, I hope you got a lot of security, ma."

The video has since been deleted from Jhonni's page. She explained she had to delete some of her Instagram posts because of VH1.

Are Jhonni and Rich Dollaz a Couple?

There are also rumors that Jhonni's manager and "former love interest" Rich Dollaz is dating Moniece Slaughter. Moniece has been dropping hints on Instagram of having a relationship with Rich. She even recently called him "daddy" on one of his Instagram photos.

But, when I asked Jhonni if Rich Dollaz was her man, she was hesitant to respond and said she couldn't say. Hmmm...

LHNNY Jhonni and Rich Dollaz

Watch Jhonni Blaze's interviews with VLAD TV below where she talks about getting involved as a stripper to pay for college, the death of her boyfriend and she discusses Drake:

Don't forget to check out Jhonni's premiere on LHHNY next Monday! Are you #TeamJhonni?

[Photos: Instagram]

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