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Happy Birthday, Aaliyah!!!

'The Princess of R&B'

Fans of Aaliyah continue to pay tribute to R&B singer and actress Aaliyah on social media sites today by wishing her a happy birthday. The songstress would have turned 36 years old today. (Jan. 16, 1979)

Instead of talking about Aaliyah's death, let's remember her beauty, her humbleness and how sweet she was as well as the wonderful music she left behind.

So, in honor of what would have been her 36th birthday, below are five of my favorite Aaliyah songs/music videos:

Aaliyah brings the sexy in "We Need a Resolution!" This is definitely one of my favorite Aaliyah videos and in my top 5 Aaliyah songs.

Back in the day, in the '90s, my friends and I would print out lyrics and have an entire lyric book in middle school (what a waste of computer paper). "The One I Gave My Heart To" was one of the songs I learned very quickly and would sing non-stop.

My mom used to say, "if you memorized your homework like you studied those lyrics, you would be a straight A student, hunh?" ... Hahaa, good times!

One of Aaliyah's best music videos without a question is "Are You That Somebody." Who didn't try to learn this choreography when they were younger? I learned the dances to all of her videos, but this was one of my favorite dance routines.

This next song, "Four Page Letter" is just so dope! "Yo, turn my music up!"

I really love Aaliyah's song "I Care 4 U," but since there's no actual video to show, I'll end it here with the following tribute video:

Happy birthday, baby girl!
What is your favorite Aaliyah song, music video and/or movie?

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