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Kevin McCall Blasts His Ex Eva Marcille on IG, Implies She Won't Let Him See Their Daughter

The happier days with Eva Marcille, Kevin McCall and their daughter
Kevin McCall is losing it...

After saying the rapper Wale had herpes the other day all because his ex Eva Marcille left a kissing emoji on Wale's photo (read that story here!), now Kevin, I guess, is trying to prove Eva won't let him see his daughter.

Yesterday, Kevin posted two videos on his Instagram page showing him arguing with Eva. In the video below, you can hear Eva on the other end because Kevin has her on speaker phone.

"I came to your house a grip of times and you haven't called the police, so why that time?," he asks Eva in the video.

"I can't call you, you know what I'm saying, you acting like I'm stalking you or something, I don't even want to be with you, all I want to do is see the baby," Kevin says in the other video.

Their daughter Marley Rae McCall is one years old and Eva now has full custody of her after filing a restraining order against Kevin last year, as previously posted.

After deleting the above video, Kevin posted another one yesterday (and then deleted) saying now everyone knows the real and that he doesn't have to defend himself anymore. He said he's going to live his life and also said, "anything else you just want to see a black man fall."

Who is this "you" he speaks of? His followers on Instagram? His supposed haters? Bloggers?

Ummm, okay Kevin, okay.

How petty! Well, in another effort in trying to explain himself, Kevin posted another video this morning in which he captioned it:

"Why u mad? Jus be strong in your LIFE for you and yours. Don't get made at a strong Blacc Man"

Kevin said he doesn't have time to upload videos everyday and said just because he posts something on his Instagram doesn't make it world news. Hahaa!

A video posted by Ooooooo La La! (@ooolalablog) on

Wait, he doesn't have time to post videos everyday, but he just posted another one, right?

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