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WTF: Kevin McCall Says Wale "Got Herpes" and Then Apologizes

WelI, if you were up late last night like me and on Instagram, maybe you read some of the foolery that came from rapper/singer Kevin McCall. He called his ex, model Eva Marcille, "weak" for leaving a comment on Wale's photo.

Kevin and Eva split after a domestic incident last year where Kevin reportedly kicked down doors in the home they shared, and tried to take their baby out of Eva's arms during an argument. She later filed a restraining order against Kevin, and he lost custody of their daughter temporarily.

Since then, there has been this ongoing feud between the pair but it seemed like things were getting a little better until last night when Kevin decided to take his jealousy issues publicly on social media.

Eva left a comment, a kiss emoji, on a photo that Wale posted on his Instagram. Does this mean Eva is flirting with Wale or does she innocently just like the photo?

A photo posted by Wale (@wale) on

Well, that didn't sit well with her ex Kevin. He called her weak and went even further to insult Wale, saying he has herpes. What are we, in high school?

Later, someone must have told Kevin he was acting like a big baby because he apologized and admitted he was in his feelings.

Kevin has since deleted all of the posts from his Instagram page and then posted:

Wale has yet to respond.

This was me last night reading the comments
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