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New Music: Rihanna "Four Five Seconds" feat. Kanye West and Paul McCartney

Rihanna has hinted that she'll release R8, her eighth studio album this year, and last night, she dropped the first song off that album: "Four Five Seconds."

The acoustic jam features Kanye West, who is also expected to release an album later this year, and Paul McCartney playing the acoustic guitar.

Listen and download Rihanna's new song for free here:

Rihanna sings ...

"I think I've had enough
Might get a little drunk
I say what's on my mind
I might do a little time
Cause all of my kindness
Is taken for weakness"

Paul McCartney and Kanye have also teamed up recently for Kanye's song "Only One."

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Check out Rihanna's reaction of when she see's her new song went live. The video was captured by her bestie Melissa Forde:

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