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Rap Trio Migos Ridiculed on Social Media for Contributing 1K to Local Atlanta High School

Sprinkle of Jesus ministry founder Dana Chanel is backing up Atlanta rap trio Migos after many people on social media were clowning their recent donation to a local Atlanta high school.

Migos, the famous Atlanta rap trio, contributed a $1,000 contribution to Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta and uploaded a photo of their check. This immediately received backlash as people on Twitter and Instagram pointed out they dress in designer gear and gold chains and should have contributed more.

Twitter user @Amboe_said,"Migos could've donated more then that as much as they brag about Versace going gold."

Even Charlamgne Tha God, host of Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club, dubbed the rappers as “Donkey of the Day” for their contribution.

Migos tweeted in response to the backlash, "Give $1 Dollar To A Homeless Is A Blessing So Givin Back Anything To Help A Cause Is A Blessing Tha Album"

Dana Chanel
Founder of Sprinkle of Jesus  
In a blog post, Dana said she was extremely disappointed with the negative comments she read and is challenging the Sprinkle of Jesus family to match what Migos contributed.

"As a follower of Christ I believe we should be encouraging everyone no matter who you are to GIVE, beyond the four walls of the church," she wrote.


Was the donation too little because they're celebrities or is it the thought that counts and at least they gave back?

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