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Tamera Mowry is Pregnant Again! Chrissy Teigen Throws Shade?


'Tis the season for babies!

Tank, Kourtney Kardashian, Zoe Saldana, Emily B and Fabolous, and many more celebrities have recently announced baby news and now Tamera Mowry is added to that list!

The Real co-host and actress announced on her Instagram yesterday that her and hubby Adam Housley will be parents again as this will be the second baby for the couple!

Tamera shares the news with The Real co-stars
Now as fans were excited for the couple and were congratulating Tamera, here comes Chrissy Teigen...

Is Chrissy throwing shade at Tamera or nah?
As the picture above shows, Tamera announced her pregnancy news with a picture of her holding a Clearblue pregnancy test.

Well, John Legend's wife and model Chrissy Teigen took it upon herself to tweet:

"How much money does clearblue pay celebs to instagram their piss sticks this seems lucrative."

While she didn't mention Tamera's name in the tweet, fans of Tamera automatically took Chrissy's comments as she was throwing shade and starting bashing her on social media.

"Why so hurt? A lot of people have done it, you just don't notice it because you're roooooobots," Chrissy tweeted out.

"Glad I could spice up your Sunday night," she also wrote.

Chrissy seems unbothered by the harsh comments coming her way and in fact, she even retweeted and responded to some of them:

"Be nice you stupid cunt I hope your uterus rots why can't you ever be nice" said twitter.

"that's magna cum dumpster to you RT “@DezzyTheGoddess who are you again besides John Legends cum dumpster!??”

Wow! Maybe Chrissy will keep her opinion to herself next time... but, probably not. And, if Tamera is getting paid from Clearblue, who cares!? Do you boo boo and get that paycheck!

Anyway, congratulations to Tamara and Adam Housley!!

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