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'Bad Girls Club' Tanisha Thomas Pops Off On Former 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Kimbella, AND Slept With Her Man?

Did Juelz Santana cheat on Kimbella with Tanisha?

The mother hen of Bad Girls Club, Tanisha Thomas, has got some beef going on with Kimbella, former Love & Hip Hop New York reality star and girlfriend of rapper Juelz Santana. 

Why does Tanisha have beef with Kimbella? Well, it looks like Tanisha slept with Kimbella's man! 

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Now, this is where things get fuzzy. Tanisha posted a conversation she had with an identified man and addressed Kimbella in the post saying, "@kimbellasworld you can unbnlock me boo I'm done with him he's all yours like you wanted #shots"

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Kimbella seems to be having a hard time believing Tanisha slept with any man of hers and keeps referring to Tanisha as a "fat b*tch."

"Wait, is this ... This fat b*tch Tanisha?"

"Fat b*tch is not serious"

Kimbella said Tanisha must be really mad she blocked her and told her to post the number with the screenshot next time. 

Then ish got real!
Well, everyone knows Kimbella is with Juelz Santana, these two are on and off A LOT. They recently have been airing out their dirty laundry on social media, and Kimbella blasted him a couple of weeks ago for not checking on his kids.

But, now it seems like all is well between Juelz and Kimbella, or is it? 

Juelz posted a picture of the two of them on Valentine's Day. Kimbella even left a comment and said they love each other and they both embarrassed each other on social media, and now they're making it up.

Fans started chiming in and wanted to know if Juelz cheated on Kimbella with Tanisha. Hell, I want to know!

But, Tanisha said the conversation was not with Juelz. And, she said, just because she's fat doesn't mean she can't pull dudes:

"That's right! Add intelligence, humor, wit and great fashion sense and bitch I'm a triple threat. You are SADLY mistaken if you think a bigger girl has no pull honey. WAKE THE FUCK UP❗️Everyone has a preference. And some men require more than plastic and filters... They require SUBSTANCE. And when they get a little taste of "nish" yes BISH that's my bedroom name 😏.....honeyyy it's over like Jehovah chile! Society got yall thinking beauty comes in one form believe that shit if you want to I know better. And the beautiful thing is I don't need confirmation because I know exactly who Tf I am and what I possess. PS THAT CONVO WAS NOT BETWEEN JUELZ AND I ☕️💯💯💯"

So either Tanisha is lying and the conversation was indeed with Juelz or this means Kimbella has another man and is cheating on Juelz?
What does getting her followers up have to do with anything though? Lol
Remember this? Hahaaa!
Kimbella needs to fall back and take that L
Tanisha then ended the online beef after realizing all this drama is not a good look for business. 

"I am a business woman and really should have known better than to put that tea out there in the first place. But honey I was just livid and acted on impulse and emotion. I've been doing so good and here comes the devil smh work in progress guys Ive come a long way but have a long way to go. I apologize for my erratic behavior TY @memeagency"

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