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Chris Brown and Karrueche Get Slammed For Wearing Fur at New York Fashion Week, Chris Responds

Photo credit: Instagram

When are people going to learn that when you come for Chris Brown, you better be prepared for a harsh comeback... (in my Kevin Hart voice) "you 'gon learn today!"

Well, Breezy and his boo thang Karrueche Tran recently hit up Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. They both arrived in matching fur coats while attending the Michael Costello show on Tuesday (Feb. 17). The couple was also seated next to Karrueche's BFF Christina Milian who posted the photos on her Instagram account.

They also went backstage to meet with the designer Michael Costello who posted, “The moment your favorite singer comes to your fashion show !!! @chrisbrownofficial living right now."

But PETA did not like Chris and Karrueche's fashion choice. They said to Gossip Cop, “There are few things more out of touch than draping yourself in the skins of animals who were beaten, electrocuted, and even skinned alive for their fur."

“Pink’s New York Fashion Week PETA billboard shows that true beauty comes from kindness—Chris Brown’s furs are just more of the same from him: ugly violence.”

Instagram user @muffi_and_taps posted about the fur as well, and tagged Chris and Karrueche on their photo.

Chris caught wind of the picture, responded in true Breezy style and said, "suck my d*ck."

Damn! Zero f*cks given!

See Chris' response and more photos of him, Karrueche and Christina from the fashion show below:

@muffi_and_taps has since deleted this photo from their Instagram account

Christina Millian, her BFF Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown
sitting front row at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show in New York
Photos taken from Instagram

Chris Brown and fashion designer Michael Costello pose backstage
Chris Brown, Karrueche and Christina Milian
posing with fashion model Shaun Ross

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