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Gabrielle Union Discusses 'Being Mary Jane,' Funny Twitter Beef With Charles Barkley and Punishing Dwayne Wade

Gabrielle Union is out and about in New York City and last night she stopped by the Late Night With Seth Meyers show. The actress discussed her BET show Being Mary Jane (Season 2 premiered this week) and she also discusses the inspiration behind her character Mary Jane who is a broadcast journalist.

The 42-year-old Being Mary Jane star says she has always been a news junkie, reading three newspapers a day and she is inspired by Soledad O'Brien because the broadcast journalist is believable. Gabrielle throws some a little shade at FOX news and discusses her funny Twitter beef with basketball analyst and former NBA player Charles Barkley.

She also talks about her hubby NBA player Dwayne Wayde - him getting punished by the kids and how the two of them chill out and watch Scandal together.
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Gabrielle Union will be on the Angie Martinez show at 4 p.m. today on Power 105.1 as she continues her press appearances for Being Mary Jane.

Watch Gabrielle Union's full interview below and join our Being Mary Jane discussion on Instagram! I love this show and would love to hear your thoughts on the season 2 premiere.

Hey guys! So can we discuss last night's season 2 premiere of #BeingMaryJane!!? ... Love this show! - First off, I do miss Andre (#OmariHardwick) on the show, but I'm glad he chose to be with his wife - We find out David and Mary Jane's relationship runs deeper than we saw in season 1 ... They were supposed to have a kid together but she had an abortion! Oh man. And she finds out why David is with his new chick 😒 - A woman definitely needs closure in a relationship as we saw with Mary Jane - Mary Jane is not a nice drunk! She was talking out her ass! But, her brother Paul hit her where it hurts with that comment, "now I see why David left you for that white woman" I was like, dayummm!! - Grandma gave it to Niecy! - And what did you guys think of Kara's comment about be black inside but when you step out, be American and make your money? Do you agree with what she said? Thoughts on the show? #OooLaLaBlog #TVScoop #GabrielleUnion #LisaVidal #MargaretAvery #StephenBishop #BJBritt #RavenGoodwin #BET #MaryJane #relationships
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