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Meek Mill Blasts Baby Mama For 'Liking' Safaree Samuels' Pictures, Peep Her Response Though

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj holding hands during All-Star Weekend
Photo credit: Meek Mill's Instagram

This whole Nicki Minaj, Safaree Samuel and Meek Mill thang has been kind of messy ever since Nicki and Safaree broke up. Now added to the mix is Meek Mill's baby's mother, Fahimah Raheem.

Something was brewing yesterday when Meek took it upon himself to blast Fahimah on Instagram. He posted a screenshot of her liking Safaree (Nicki Minaj's ex) pictures and captioned the photo, "Follow my bm she b wildin! why you getting in this baby." Check it out below:

So we ask, why does Meek even care? Petty right? Isn't he with Nicki now?

He also tweeted, "So we shouldn't say anything when people do dumb stuff ...... But ummm ok!  I quit lol"

Well, Fahimah fired right back in a lengthy Instagram post and said, "Now u want my attention u f*ckin got it!"

She addressed Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's relationship, saying she has been faced with people sending her a million pictures of the two of them.

"F*ck outta here please.... U claim u happy, then why u so mad at me!!!!"

(click photo to enlarge)

Meek hasn't commented on her response yet, neither has Nicki. However, I did notice Fahimah made her Instagram page private. Yesterday, it was open for everyone to see.

I'm guessing people are sending her pictures like the one below:

Meek and Fahimah has had plenty of problems in the past, especially on social media. Meek is known for talking about her, referring to her as "my baby mom" "my baby mama." Fahima has previously posted that she left Meek because she wasn't satisfied and was getting the same treatment as his side chicks.

Welp, stay tuned for the next Nicki/Meek/Safaree/Fahimah fiasco!

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