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Too Cute: Ariana Grande & Big Sean ...“What I like in women is when they got drive and focus”

Big Sean visiting The Real
Photo credit: Instagram/The Real
Big Sean is so in love with Ariana, it clearly shows. During his visit with The Real, the ladies were quick to point out how the rapper lights up when talking about Ariana.

The Real talk show hosts are celebrating their 100th episode (and they are renewed for a second season, kudos to them), and on this special episode, Sean discussed his relationship with Ariana:

“We started out as friends, but that was the thing," he says. "It progressed from there, and that’s the first time I’ve ever been in a situation where we started as friends and it progressed, so that’s what it is."

When asked what was it that attracted him to her, Sean says it was her drive and focus.

I'm just waiting for an engagement announcement from these two!

“What I like in women is when they got drive and focus” Sean says. "That's what I like, I attach to, I appreciate, because I got drive, I got focus, too, and every day I’m like, you gotta get it."

Peep this oh too cute moment between Ariana and Big Sean which she posted on her Instagram page yesterday:
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Big Sean also just dropped his highly anticipated album, Dark Sky Paradise which is in stores today!

He dropped by the Breakfast Club this morning, peep that interview below:


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