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Toya Wright Confirms She is Seperated From Memphitz, Her Little Brother Blasts Her on Instagram and Calls Her Fake

Toya Wright has spoken out about her troubling marriage with her estranged husband, producer Memphitz.

In an exclusive interview with celebrity news and gossip site NecoleBitchie, Toya reveals she is indeed separated from Memphitz. She also says she is praying for him and praying for their situation.

Singer K. Michelle made her initial claims that Memphitz physically abused her. Toya believes for Memphitz to be labeled a woman beater, the whole situation took a toll on their relationship and changed him to someone else. 


The current status Toya and Memphitz's relationship: 

The current status of me and my husband [is] we are separated at the moment. And, we’re just- everybody has their marital issues. And right now, you know, we’re separated.
I mean, what is going on with my husband, like I said when I spoke on it, is bigger than me. Micky has been going through something for the last few years since the whole lawsuit thing against his ex [K. Michelle] and Viacom and it really took a toll on him and it caused him to be a different person. So I think that, going through all of those things, and having all of that stress and the world looking at you one way as a “woman beater” and person that steals someone’s money. It’s hard for you to get back into your industry when you had a career and not a [just] job and somebody defames your character. I mean, it’s a lot to deal with day to day.

On fighting for her marriage:

When I met him, he had a career. He was a self made guy with his own. And then to fall back into my shadow and then to be known as a “woman beater” it’s kind of a lot.I’m just praying for him and praying for our situation. I’m a person that is all about love and our family and I don’t like to give up. Especially being married two times. I don’t even like to go through the whole dating stage and all of that. I love my husband and I’m praying that we can get through this and he can get back right to the person that I met because he’s not the person that I met. This whole situation has changed him into someone else.

Memphitz's posts about K. Michelle:

I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. But when he does entertain it, it’s because it came to him first. The reason the last whole Instagram thing went on is because of what she said on Wendy Williams, you know what I mean? When she uses her bigger platform to attack him, it draws people back to him to pick on him. And that’s what makes him start to say stuff and post all this crazy stuff because that’s the only platform to defend himself. It’s tough not to react, because we’re all human.

His odd social media presence these days:

I had to tell him, like, that saying 'Half of the people are not what they ‘post’ to be,’ like people ‘post’ stuff on Instagram but it’s not really their life- like people don’t know the you that we know, the people that really know you. So when you get on there and you say crazy stuff and you act out of emotion and your feelings, people can take that wrong. I understand where it’s coming from, it’s coming from a place of you being hurt and angry and you’re just mad but you can’t put that out there. There is a better way of doing it.I mean- everybody has their breaking point. Imagine if, people just keep attacking you and labeling you as something that you’re not, it comes to a point where you’re just, everybody explodes and they have their breaking point. I just told him, ‘Maybe you need to delete social media because that’s not you. That’s really not you.’ Don’t stoop to the next person’s level.


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This is enough to deal with and you would think Toya's family would be there during her time of need to support her.

Well, her little brother Rudy Johnson who was also in her reality show A Family Affair, posted a message about his sister on Instagram earlier (which has now been deleted, but not before I took a screenshot, see below). He calls Toya fake and also says sister or not, she's not real.

Toya (right) pictured with her little brother Rudy

 Rudy posted a picture of Bob Marley and captioned the photo:

"Yup I blow Os of the finest and the city, but I'm proud of it.... Crazy thing is you do to but not true to your self...Why yu think I fell back from yu T! Cuz im to real to f*ck with a fake no nothing bout life mf... #sisterornot I don't give a f*ck if yu aint real I cant f*ck with ya...fallback shawty lol...And ya cant say I ask or a need anything from ya cuz I makes money yu kno that"

Side note: so many spelling errors, geez!

(Click pic to enlarge)
 Toya tweeted out earlier:

"The devil keep trying to find his way in but I'm confident that i am covered. "

See Toya's entire interview over at NecoleBitchie. And, look at some of Memphitz's "new hobbies"...
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