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Memphitz Lashes Out on Instagram, Toya Wright Says She Will Pray and Fight For Her Marriage

It's no secret now that Toya Wright and Memphitz are having some problems in their marriage. It's also being reported that they are now living apart.

Yesterday, Memphitz posted on his Instagram page, "dang. Y'all caught us! y'all too smart! Tune in! We'll be doing all sorts of fun activities for y'all to see"


So this post made it seem like him and Toya were acting the part for the camera... because reality shows are sometimes scripted, right? So maybe they are building up drama for the show?

But, shortly after, Toya posted to her Instagram page saying there's no show and she says she will continue to pray and fight for her marriage.

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I also noticed, some of Memphitz' Instagram pictures and comments lately are a bit disturbing:
A photo posted by billiondollarboybizz (@billiondollarboybizz) on

A photo posted by billiondollarboybizz (@billiondollarboybizz) on

It looks like Memphitz is lashing out on social media. I'm not sure what the deal is with these two, but it's weird that Memphitz would post they have a show premiering soon while Toya says otherwise. I hope everything works out okay for them.

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