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Warren Sapp is Arrested for Soliciting a Hooker and Suspended From NFL Network

In dumbass news...
Former NFL player Warren Sapp has been arrested in Phoenix earlier today for soliciting a prostitute. The 42-year-old was in Phoenix where he was covering the Super Bowl for the NFL Network. He was also arrested for assault.

According to multiple online reports and TMZ who broke the news, cops are saying two women told police they were at the hotel "as escorts" and went to Sapp's room, where an argument broke out over money.

The women claim the argument turned physical and the women had injuries consistent with a struggle.

Officials say when cops questioned Sapp, "he was questioned and admitted involvement in the act of prostitution, but denied assaulting the females."

The NFL Network analyst has now been “suspended indefinitely” from the network, according to NBC sports. Sapp’s suspension is without pay “pending the outcome of ongoing police investigation."

TMZ also points out, Sapp’s NFL Media biography has been removed from the NFL Networks "On Air Talent" page of their website.


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