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Wiz Khalifa Makes it Clear He Does NOT Want Amber Rose Back

Wiz Khalifa's Twitter was buzzing last night as he tweeted about Amber Rose and their soon-to-be two-year-old son Sebastian. Co-parenting sometimes can be a tough battle and it looks like these exes are going through something. Wiz said:

"a woman who would do something to a kid to spite that kids father is a foul creature."

"Seen my boy. All is well."

"That's pretty much the only thing that can spin my universe out of control."

"Sucks when people try to use that against you but the cool part is figuring out how much self control you have."

"as long as he's playing and smiling i'm cool. can't be pissed when i see that handsome face."

"i tell him everyday that this is all his."

Can't we all just get along!
Although Wiz didn't say Amber's name, it's not hard to assume he's talking about her. One follower reached out to Wiz and got a response back, "get your wife back..." and the rapper simply responded "no thanks."

Well, damn!

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Amber has made it known she wants get back with her ex after filing for divorce from him last year.

This morning, Wiz tweeted the message, "Everything in this world is yours to create."

Maybe Amber should post more of those half-naked pics and get Wiz back on her good side.

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