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Yikes! Rapper 'Starship God' Claims He Had Sexual Relations With Birdman to Get a Record Deal

A rapper by the name of Starship God - who claims to be affiliated with Rich Gang - posted a video on his Instagram page claiming he had sex with Cash Money CEO Birdman.

Starship uploaded a photo of Birdman a couple of days ago and captioned the pic, "BAE GIMME SUM D*CK? I NEED IT. BAE U LUV ME"

In a video posted to his page, Starship seems to be hyped at the fact he slept with Birdman and that his story is getting around:

For years, rumors of Birdman being gay have floated around since the controversial photo of him kissing Lil' Wayne surfaced on the internet. But this news tops the cake!

I'm not sure if this rumor is true or not, I never heard of this Starship dude before, but damn, that's a lot of tea to drink in!

Birdman has yet to respond to Starship's allegations.

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