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Gabrielle Union Thinks James Harden Should Be Suspended From the NBA for Kicking Lebron James, Claps Back at "Thumb Thugs"

Houston Rockets player James Harden was called for a flagrant foul for apparently kicking Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James in the nuts in Sunday's game.

The refs called his actions as a flagrant foul 1 and they allowed Harden to stay in the game. The Rockets winded up winning 105-103 in overtime.
Afterwards, Lebron James spoke about the kick and said, "Obviously that's not a basketball play."

He added, "Obviously, the league will probably take a look at it. I have no idea why he would do that, but two competitors just trying to go at it, and he won this one."

James Harden kicked Lebron James below the belt
in Sunday's game and got hit with a flagrant foul 1

Gabrielle Union, actress and wife to Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade (James' buddy and former team player) voiced her opinion over the call and she thinks Harden should get suspended for his actions. She tweeted:

"? If the NBA doesn't suspend Harden a game lk will he get $ bk since they pullin a Goddell & administering punishment unevenly?"

I"f that's the case cuz it would suck not to have Harden vs the Hawks... D would happily take the hypocrisy in cash please"

I"t's not about Bron vs Beverly. NBA set a precedent of discipline 4 an even less obvs infraction in an untelevised game so "

"I personally wanna see Harden play against the Hawks, like most ppl. But w/out Harden, ratings for that game go down soooo "

Gabrielle is bringing up when Wade was fined and suspended for kicking Ramon Sessions two years ago in a game while the Miami Heat played against the Detroit Pistons.
Some people clearly didn't like Gabrielle's opinion. Twitter user @pextis24 responded and even called Gabrielle a "dumb b*tch."
Ouch, is it really that serious though?

 Gabrielle retweeted others who disagreed with her and responded.

": stick to acting dear"

"The "dear" realllllly sold it... totally felt the burn," Gabrielle replied.

": He's the MVP boo nobody gonna suspend him especially against the Hawks."

"So NBA gonna repay D in cash or traveler's checks?," Gabrielle responded.

": Kitchen "

Gabrielle clapped right back, "no sorry I'm busy working but can you make me a ham sandwich while ur in there kiddo." 
The Being Mary Jane star then posted a message for the haters and said:
"PS doesn't take a man or rocket scientist 2 pt out the obvs... cuz ya know my UCLA education kicks n sometimes & I formulate my own thoughts"

"To all the thumb thugs, either unfollow or meet me behind the 7-11. I'll be the one takin off my earrings & applyin Vaseline"
"Thumb thugs!" Hahaa!

" tweeted, " can we be friends"
Gabrielle responded, "Yes but you're gonna have to meet me at 7-11 to fake hold me back from fighting"
Haha! I think she's funny.

What do you think? Should James Harden be suspended for kicking Lebron James below the belt? Watch the video below and judge for yourself:

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