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Kanye West Wants Will Smith to Make a Musical Comeback, is New Music on the Way?

I was listening to Z100 this morning and the host was talking to Will Smith on the phone. Will revealed he has recently been in the studio with Kanye West and he said they both have recorded songs together. 

The 46-year-old actor said Kanye is "gassing him up" for a musical comeback. But, Will doesn't want to come back and then suck. 

Will also spoke about it with Hollyscoop on Tuesday (Feb. 24) at the premiere of his new film, Focus. In the interview, Will said he and Kanye have a good amount of songs already recorded, but unfortunately, nothing is grabbing his attention. 
I’ve recorded a lot,” Will said. “I don’t have anything I like yet. I’ve probably recorded seven or eight [songs]. It’s not for certain, it’s just explorative.”
Will first achieved fame as a rapper in the mid '80s and went by the name of The Fresh Prince. He was in a rap group alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff. The two are most known for their hit song Summertime. His last solo studio album Lost and Found was released in 2005. 
Would you be excited for a Will Smith musical comeback!? 

Check him out below rapping The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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