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WTF News: The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Has People Bugging!

Fifty Shades of Grey has people totally buggin'!

This Fifty Shades of Grey film - based off the erotic romance novel written by E.L. James - has been tied to some WTF news and I've read some strange stories lately...

Sex Assault Case Ties Into Reenacting Movie Scenes

A University of Illinois student in Chicago was charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault after allegedly re-enacting scenes from from the film.  Mohammad Hossain brought a 19-year-old UIC student to his dorm room where he bound the female's hands and legs, covered her mouth with a necktie and repeatedly hit her with a belt. 

Houssain then began punching the victim and sexually assaulted her while ignoring her cries when she asked him to stop, according to authorities. Why did he do it? Houssain allegedly told authorities that he was reenacting scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey. - USA Today

Lady Pleasures Herself in a Movie Theater

One moviegoer got wayyy too excited while watching Fifty Shades recently. A 33-year-old woman sat in the 12th row of a crowded movie theater in Sinaloa, Mexico, and was caught inappropriately pleasuring herself. She was kicked out and then taken away by police and charged with public indecency. - Inquisitr

12 Year Old's Are Watching

Yes Fifty Shades is Rated R which usually means children under the age of 17 need to be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian...but, not in France. The Centre National du Cinéma et de L'image Animée (CNC) gave the film a rating of "12," meaning that only children under the age of 12 are prohibited from seeing it. - USA Today

Mom Takes Baby to Fifty Shades screening

Why on Earth would anyone take their kids to this movie? A mother took her baby to a screening of the erotic film and her baby kept crying which lead to several people complaining about her. Inappropriate much? 

A spokesperson from the theater said, their admission policy is being reviewed since the theater has been letting babies in to these type of movies. The theater is also looking at hosting dedicated parent and baby screenings in the near future. - Mirror

Drunk Behavior During Film Screening 

A woman showed up to a theater completely intoxicated and caused the entire audience to be evacuated after losing control of her bodily fluids, leaving the entire movie theater stinky. Eww!

“We all expected to see Christian Grey gag 
Anastasia as part of the plot," a disgruntled cinema-goer told the Citizen. “We certainly didn’t 
expect to be gagging ourselves because of the stench." - Mirror

Finding a Kinky Sex Partner is Just an App Away 

Forget Tinder, now there's a new app called Whiplr. This app allows people to specify the type of kinky stuff they are into. Whiplr provides "a safe and welcoming environment for the kink curious to begin their journey."- Cosmopolitan 

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