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SHOTS FIRED: K. Michelle vs. NFL Free Agent Le'Ron McClain

I'm dying laughing right now at how K. Michelle just responded to NFL free agent Le'Ron McClain after he tweeted his opinion about her tour wardrobe.
Le'Ron tweeted earlier today (March 1), "K Michelle look stank in those stage outfits...Just my opinion. Be blessed peeps!! Happy Sunday" 

K. Michelle is currently on her 'My Twisted Mind Tour' and she obviously caught wind of Le'Ron's comments and she clapped right back!

"If a man has enough time 2 worry about a woman's tour costumes it would be safe to say he has enough time 2 paint his finger nails and toes"

"The amount of so-called MEN that come for me in the media is sad. Men i never met, never heard of, but They HEARD something about me."
"I hate to tell you TOMGIRLS this but that little Tink is called gossiping. Something that Men shouldn't partake in."
"It angers them that they will never really have the opportunity to actually be in my presence. Not the caliber men I let in my world"
"Now I'll leave the Twitter beef for the TOMGIRLS. I have ANOTHER sold out show, besides I don't fight with people who sell synthetic weed"
"*Drops red wig on the floor*"
"Remember only GIRLS throw shade on Twitter. I heard the fashion police is hiring queens!"
"Now back to minding my own business and getting ready to hit the stage for my SOLD OUT show. Positivity on fleek"
"I'm BOOKED I'm not a Free Agent"
Burn! That last tweet though, ha!
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(Click photo to enlarge)
Well, Le'Ron is acting like he's unbothered, but I know he saw those tweets! He said:
"At the end of the day I'm good"

"Yall funny"

"Loving this Sunday so far!!!"

"#Blocked and carry on lol"
"Be blessed"

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