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Beyonce and Solange's New Step-Sister is Actress Bianca Lawson!

Small world!

Earlier, I realized Beyonce and Solange now have a new step-sister... and not just any ol' step-sister but a famous one!

Since their mother, Tina Knowles married actor Richard Lawson, this makes Bey and Solange sisters with Bianca Lawson!

If you don't remember the name, I'm sure you have seen her face around. Bianca is 36 years old and has played in many television shows, such as The Vampire Diaries and even '90s show Sister Sister.

Many may remember Bianca as Mya on the hit ABC family show, Pretty Little Liars. I remember Bianca as Nikki in the movie Save the Last Dance and when she appeared in Breakin' All the Rules as Jaime Foxx's girlfriend.

Well, Bianca was also in attendance as her father tied the knot with Beyonce's momma on a luxury yacht.

I would love to see a group photo of them!

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