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Kanye West Jumps in the Water to Be Closer to Armenian Fans

Kanye West recently held a free concert in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. His wife, Kim Kardashian shared the news on her social media accounts a couple of days ago and also provided these photos.

“Crazy night! Kanye wakes me up & says he's doing a free concert in Yerevan, Armenia! I throw on sweats & we go!” she wrote.

Kanye performed a number of his hits, and during the concert, he jumped into Swan Lake, prompting dozens of fans to join him in the water. 
“Thousands of people were there! Kanye jumped in swan lake to be closer to the crowd on the other side & so many people jumped in too!” Kardashian wrote on Twitter.

Check out the full performance below or watch Kanye in the water starting around the 1:03 mark. 

[Photos: Twitter]

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