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Karrine Steffans Says She'll Never Stop Seeing Lil' Wayne For Anyone + Explains Why She Revealed Method Man's Identity in Her Book

Author and former video vixen Karrine Steffans recently sat down with VladTV and spoke in-depth about her non-exclusive relationship to Cash Money/Young Money's Lil' Wayne.

Karrine met Wayne in 2007 and says she'll never give up seeing the rapper for a man, not even her husband. Wow! Wayne is also currently seeing Christina Milian.

Karrine also shared her thoughts on Wayne's current issues with Birdman, saying she actually knew Birdman before Wayne and has nothing but love for him.

"Before my current marriage, I'd never met a man worthy of my best or my all. I'd never met a man who wasn't out to use or abuse me, a man who deserved my complete respect, or who I didn't fear. I would always wonder why my ex-husbands would even try to be with me, knowing my heart belonged to someone else. I know a part of them were just fans, looking to be closer to their rap star idol, but I also now know that they never had honorable intentions in the first place. It didn't matter if I was honorable or not, because they never were."

"But then, I came across a man who deserved the best of me, an honorable man with honorable intensions and it was only then that I was able to let go. Now, years later, I don't miss those 4am phone calls and I don't miss the way were. I now have what I've grown to deserve and I know that, at this stage in my life, I no longer deserve Wayne. I deserve even more. Thankfully, I have that."

*Check out what else she says in the video below.

Karrine is gearing up for the release of her seventh book Vindicated which will be released on June 2. She is known for her first book, a memoir of her earlier years: Confessions of a Video Vixen (which I read) which was released in 2005 and was the tell-all book that spilled all the tea on our favorite male celebrities while describing her past/current relationships with them.

When describing her long journey to get to where she is today, Karrine said:

"At 36, I'm not who I was at 26 and very far away from who I was at 18 or 21. There are things you learn as you mature. There are changes that are made. But the most important thing you acquire, if you do it right, is confidence. Knowing one's self and understanding that judgement from other sinners is invalid is so freeing."

"When Confessions was published, my grandmother said to me, "Now, you never have to walk around lying about who you are, and most people will never know how that feels." Stop lying to yourself and to the people around you based on the fear of shame. Take your power back! If shaming is disgraceful, so is being ashamed."

Karrine often speaks of slut shaming, sex and people who try to put her down because of her past.

"Women, your bodies belong to you. Do what makes you happy and be safe while doing so, but know that what makes you happy today may not make you happy tomorrow. Luckily, it's okay for you to change your mind. There are plenty of horrible labels for sexually liberated women, but there are none for men."

"There are legislative laws in place that dictate what women can and cannot do with their bodies. There are none for men. This is about so much more than sex, but sex is often the frontline of the war against women. You can control this. So give it, don't give it, it's up to you. For me, I've found my king, so I'm good. But I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I got here. Everyone's journey is different and no one's sin is more sinful than the next. Be liberated. Be safe. Be secure. Be women."

Karrine posted on Instagram earlier today about rapper Method Man whom she had previous relations with and who she also mentioned in her books as "Papa." She discusses why she revealed Method Man's identity.

"It was late one night as I sat in my Range Rover, parked in the driveway of my new million dollar house in the hills. I think there was an SL in the garage that I only took out during the summer. I forget. But Confessions was a smash. I'd made it all around the world with that book and I was reaping the benefits. My boy Mykel (@personadigimag) was in the car with me that night as we talked about how good life was that year. I'm pretty sure he was rolling a blunt. But something was bothering me.

"My editor says that if I don't reveal who Papa is in this second book, they'll ask for the advance back and cancel my contract." The car fell silent. It felt like we were both computing how much all this shit costs. The new house, the new cars, my staff. There were millions of dollars at stake. MILLIONS. "I don't want to, I really don't," I said, feeling like I didn't have a choice.

"I know K," Mykel said, licking the blunt shut. "But it's you or him. Your life or his. Your kid or his. Your survival or his." That was the realest shit and right there in that car, I made a decision that would haunt me everyday since. I knew then that I no longer wanted to be part of a machine because as long as I was, that machine would always own me. Papa was a good friend to me. Yeah, we were more than that, but for 6 years, despite our hardships, he held me down. No rapper is a saint. I've never met one who didn't lie, cheat, or steal and our antics were a sign of the times and our youth.

We're all grown up now and even though I apologized to him years ago, and he apologized for sending my own henchmen after me (long story), I never told anyone why I did it. It wasn't spite. It wasn't embitterment because even after Confessions, we still remained friends. It was survival. And it was terrible. #VINDICATED #JUNE2 📝

UPDATE: For those who don't read, Papa's identity was revealed in The Vixen Diaries in 2007. This is stale tea. The purpose of this post is to give my REAL readers and fans a private look into how I made this heartbreaking decision.📝"

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