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New Couple Alert: Jordin Sparks and Sage The Gemini, Check Out Their Lovey Dovey Photos


Jason Der... who?

It looks like our girl Jordin Sparks and Connecticut rapper, Sage The Gemini, are an item!

Sage's real name is Dominic Wynn Woods who is known for his hit song "Gas Pedal." Him and Jordin have been posting the most adorable Instagram photos lately.

"Freeze the moment, it's never been better ...," Jordin captioned the photo below. Too cute!

After hearing how and why Jason Derulo broke up with Jordan Sparks last year - over the phone and because he felt pressured to marry her - this made him lose cool points in my book.
I'm happy Jordin has moved on and found love again. And. Sage is a cutie... you go girl! Check out more cute photos of them below:

Sage uploaded this photo to his Instagram page Sunday night

Sage says Jordin Sparks is his WCE (Woman Crush Everyday)

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