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REALITY TEA: 'Love & Hip Hop' Star Moniece Slaughter Claps Back at ME on Instagram + Her Beef with Jhonni Blaze

For weeks, two Love & Hip Hop Stars have been going at it! Jhonni Blaze from the current New York season and Moniece Slaughter from the Hollywood season.

It's no secret that Jhonni loves her manager and co-star, Rich Dollaz. Well, ever since Moniece started claiming Rich and saying that's her man, Jhonni has been beefing with her on social media.

Despite what we see play out on LHHNY, Rich and Jhonni still remain cool. She even recently said:

"Lot of people say Rich doesnt support me . I guess going off of tv or etc . We have our ups and downs but we ride for each other . From when I got in trouble and he got my lawyer to many other things . I wouldnt be on your fav show if it wasnt for his ok."

Last week, Jhonni and Rich were both at Club Lit in New York.

I posted the above photo and captioned it:

Remember, whatever we watch on #LoveandHipHopNewYork, a reality show, may not mean it's true... In last weeks episode it seemed like #RichDollaz was done with #JhonniBlaze, right?

Well, last night the two partied at Club Lit in NYC. (I wonder if #MonieceSlaughter saw this photo 🙊#bloop #petty)

Shortly after, Moniece herself commented on my post and said, "I knew. He text me from the club. Told me all about it. Talked to me til 5:30 this morning #boop #stupidandpettyatthat"

I left a comment under my photo and said, "I had peeps in the building last night that saw Rich kiss Jhonni."

Next thing you know, Moniece blocks me from her Instagram account. I assume she saw my comment, but she never responded to that.

Now I'm not sure what transpired between Moniece and Rich after I leaked that information, but Moniece did clap back at me and said as a blogger I do not get paid in an attempt to destroy relationships.

Mind you, this wasn't my intention at all. As a celebrity and gossip blogger, I post things that I see, hear or what I'm told. I posted what I was told from my inside source. However, I responded to Moniece with an apology.

Jhonni wasn't feeling my apology and told me to erase the post.

"Erase this shit now you don't beg no one its a Halle berry Beyonce or etc that would die to. Follow you. You don't beg for shit. Fuck that be positive take that L. Grind your a blog who cares what anyone think. . let's talk about this remix I did though. Yea in dissing everyone."

Moniece then left a comment on my post and said, "Xoxoxo you probably shouldn't listen to sir jhonni, you see how far her advice has gotten her! It's all good boo! #blessings"

Moniece then unblocked me from Instagram and things were all good. But, the Moniece and Jhonni beef only continued... mostly over Rich.

Moniece even clapped back in her comments to those defending Jhonni:

(Click photos to enlarge)

Last night, Moniece and Jhonni came head to head in my comments, after Moniece released her version of "B*tch Better Have My Money" in response to Jhonni's remix which took shots at her.

Below are screenshots from last night/earlier this morning of these two going at it. Jhonni blasted Moniece for allegedly telling Nikki Mudarris (who was on Moniece's LHHH season) to get her man Mally Mall to stop working with Jhonni on her music.


Many are speculating that all this drama is cooked up for a future Love & Hip Hop episode. Rumor has it that Rich is joining Moniece on LHHH. But who knows!

Will these two ladies be friends anytime soon? I doubt it. It's a good thing they're not on the same season, hunh? Lol.

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