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Ring Wars: Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her New Ring on Instagram + Meek Mill Disses Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend Over Shady Post

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill got people bugging over this whole engagement rumor. Yesterday, Nicki posted on Twitter that she would show off her ring later and then she uploaded a picture on her Instagram page flashing her huge heart-shaped yellow and white ring pictured below.


Now, first off, its been a full day and neither Meek or Nicki have confirmed anything yet, so this "news" is still a rumor for now and all we can do is assume and gossip.

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Second, people were dragging Floyd Mayweather's girlfriend, model Bad Medina on Instagram. She uploaded the photo below showing off her ring (after Nicki uploaded hers) and she captioned it, "Like no other."

Petty post or coincidence?

It's a different ring though. *kanye shrug* But, this didn't stop the barbz from spamming Bad Medina's Instagram pictures by leaving corn emoji's in her comments (this is supposed to mean she's corny, lol).

Nicki's boo thang, Meek Mill, caught wind of the photo and fired back a response:

"You the only one without no millions tho... b lucky Mayweather excepted Ya bum a**! Foh "black people S***."

In another photo, the rapper sat on top of his Lamborghini and sent another shot, "We both got our own check... Let's not start."

One more thing, Meek... It's "accepted" not "excepted."

People were also dragging Safaree Samuels, Nicki's ex. There was a FAKE Twitter page going IN on Nicki after she uploaded the photo of her ring. Whoever runs this page is clearly a Safaree fan and they were exposing Nicki's nudes! Click here for more on that.

They just had to bring Safaree into this!

Uploading a picture of your diamond ring has become mighty popular on Instagram since Nicki did it last night. Check out these other celebs who uploaded photos of their bling afterwards:

Young Thug uploaded this picture earlier today asking
swimsuit designer, Jerrika Karlae, to marry him

Sheneka Adams uploaded this photo and captioned it,
"Diamonds are a girls best friend."

JLo even showed off her bling last night
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