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Shots Fired! Toya Wright's Younger Brother Exposes Her on Twitter

Where is the love on National Siblings Day!?

It's apparent there's some love lost between Toya Wright and her younger brother, Rudy. Earlier today on Twitter, Rudy sent out a couple of messages (and then deleted them) blasting Toya and her [and Lil' Wayne's] 16-year-old daughter, Reginae Carter. 

I'm not sure what happened between them, but this isn't the first time Rudy talked reckless about his older sister. This time, he called her a hypocrite and fake, and he's threatening to expose "horrible dark a** secrets," so he says. He also said Reginae smokes weed. 

Rudy tweeted about Toya, "your a fucking hypocrite. Dont call me hoe."

He said "your" by the way and not "you're."

Check out a couple more of his tweets below:

Meanwhile, Toya recently posted about Reginae's 'no bullying campaign' photo shoot with the message: "shutup." 

A message for Rudy perhaps?
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