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Young Thug Sets Release Date for 'Carter 6', Lil' Wayne Responds: "F*ck Him"

Young Thug has no care in the world, and it looks like he is dead serious on carrying out his plans to continue Tha Carter series

At first, I thought this dude was joking because everyone knows The Carter is Lil' Wayne's thing and fans are still waiting on the Carter V. Wayne is currently battling out legal and financial problems with Cash Money, and he is suing Birdman, the co-founder of Cash Money, for $51 million. 

Young Thug posted a video recently announcing his plans on releasing Carter 6  on April 17th. 

Weezy responded to Young Thug's video announcement and recently told a crowd during a show in Mississippi:

“Before I go any further, I want y’all to do me a favor and stop listening to songs of ni**as that pose naked on they motherf**king album cover.” 

Wayne is talking about Young Thug's Carter 6 album cover as shown below:

Young Thug's album cover for Carter 6

Young Thug responded back to Lil' Wayne and said in a video of his own:

"I understand that Lil' Wayne is frustrated about his career, and I feel him on that. But this is my idol. I would never in my life swap words with him or beef with him about nothing. This is the person that I look up to," he said with a laugh at the end of the video. 

Where is the artistic integrity, Young Thug!? This dude seems like he wants to be Lil' Wayne so bad, lol.

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