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Solange Knowles' Business Partner Stabbed 10 Times

Solange Knowles's business partner, Armina Mussa, was stabbed 10 times on Wednesday in New Orleans.

According to Billboard, Armina is now hospitalized and is in critical condition. New Orleans police have arrested and booked the suspect, Arronesia Christopher, for second-degree murder. 

Arronesia is supposedly Armina's roommate's friend. According to TMZ, Arronesia got into an argument with Armina and pulled a knife out during the dispute and stabbed Armina repeatedly, even in the neck. 

Armina is the project director for Solange's brand Saint heron and a co-owner of the French Quarterboutique, Exodus Goods.

A rep for Solange told Billboard that Solange was not present at the time or location of the incident; she was in Los Angeles. As soon as Solange heard of the devastating news, she rushed to New Orleans and has been at the side of Mussa and her family ever since.

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