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Tyrese Sends a Touching Message and Advice to New Father, Chris Brown


Furious 7 star and singer, Tyrese Gibson, shared a very touching message and advice to his friend, Chris Brown.

As previously posted, Chris Brown has gone public with the news of being the father of 10-month-old, Royalty. Tyrese - who is also a dad - wrote out a big bro-type message on his Instagram page posted along with thee cutest photo of Chris and his daughter.  

"Chris my bro! Use this moment - Use this God given stage to give other young kings permission to get more involved with their kids.... Young Fathers who look UP to you will say ( #Breezy is proudly involved with his daughter so what the hell am I doing ).?? Rather planned or not- it was ULTIMATELY in GODS plan for #Royal to be here...."

"You have no idea how much literally EVERYTHING changed for me when I was blessed with my angel Shayla Gibson.... She's my boss, she's my bottom line, so many people were CLEARED OUT because everything changed after she got here! , managers, agents, lawyers who were NOT on their A-Game GONE! Every so called friends that was in my face and stabbing me in my back..... GONE!!!"

"Before she got here I didn't realize how much sh*t I use to tolerate and put up with! I would put UP with it all..... Then suddenly I realized theirs an expiration date on LOYALTY I BOLDLY and unapologetically cleared out ALL THINGS PEOPLE AND SITUATIONS that no longer belong...because keeping them here would directly effect my daughter.... I got love for people.... But I love NO one like I love my daughter so they had to GO!!!"

"Chris.... My brother Everything is going to change.... Everything is going to change..... I repeat... Everything is going to change....... People are in your life for a reason, others are there for a SEASON and its important to recognize when people SEASONS are OVER!!!!!! You can't walk into the new SEASON of your life with DEAD WEIGHT.... It will weigh you down and ultimately STOP you from reaching your goals and tapping into higher levels of happiness...."

"It's not about you anymore, everything we DO, SAY, everyone that we ALLOW to stay around us, every deal offer you accept, will directly effect your daughter..... The #UnexpectedAngel Congratulation to you and your little princess - "

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Yes, Tyrese!!!

"People are in your life for a reason, others are there for a SEASON and its important to recognize when people SEASONS are OVER!!!!!!"

I LOVE this line and the support that Chris Brown is receiving. Everything Tyrese said is so true.

And, it seems as if Chris has already started turning his life around and he's growing up. Breezy recently tweeted:

"Give it all to God.. Living for him a little more and asking for his help.. If I try by myself I will be disobeying him."

[Photos: Instagram]

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