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Chris Brown's Baby's Mother Spills Tea on Instagram, Says He Doesn't Pay For Anything

Dramaaa! People have been giving Chris Brown's baby's mother, Nia Guzman, sh*t all day today on Instagram.

Instagram user @djannie commented under a picture of baby Royalty and Nia's boyfriend, Brazil Riesling a.k.a King Ba (the man who originally thought he was Royalty's father) and said:

"I feel so bad for this baby. Now they're all using her for fame smh!"

Well, Nia responded:

"stupid motherf*ckers commenting on my god child's page. USING MY DAUGHTER FOR FAME? I've gain shi*t but a headache... Mf's better hope I DONT start talking... Cause all you gossiping mother fuckers would have a seat."

"@djannie stupid b*tch... lurking a** wanna be fan hoe."

Nia also lashed out on Instagram user @teamkaekiller, and she said Chris Brown, whom she named "CB" in the comments, doesn't pay for anything!

I'm also hearing Chris wants full custody of the baby, which he'll probably win. And, I also hear Nia is not supposed to be talking about Chris, legal issues. This may explain why she deleted all of the photos off her Instagram page. Oop!

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