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Get Off My Desk!! Girl Pushed By Classmate For Dancing On Their Desk (Video)

In a video that has now gone viral, a group of students are shown dancing on top of desks and carrying on. 

But, one student wearing a gray hoodie is not participating, and it looks like they don't want to be bothered. This same student is also seen sticking up their middle finger to whoever is recording the foolishness.

Welp, things went totally left when one girl stepped on the quiet student's desk. Check out the video clip below:

When I first saw this video on Instagram a couple of days ago, my first thought was WHERE IS THE DAMN TEACHER!? What is this, Sister Act 2!?

I posted the video on Instagram and there were a mixed reaction of comments. 

Some thought the girl deserved to be pushed off the desk and others disagreed. I hope she didn't seriously get injured because that looked like a nasty fall. I also wonder what happened afterwards in that classroom. 

Do you think the student in the hoodie went too far? Drop a comment below. 

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