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Keyshia Cole Says It's Cool to Build a Friendship With a Man, But Not Love (Video)

Keyshia Cole seems like she's hurting, possibly over the things she's going through in her own personal relationships.

Remember a couple of months ago, Keyshia blasted her estranged husband, Daniel Gibson on social media for cheating and not seeing his child.

Well, last night the songstress hosted and performed at CafĂ© Iguana Pines in Florida. She told the crowd it's cool to be friends with a man, but when it comes to finding love, oh noooo. I'm not sure what she said prior to this. Do you agree? Peep the clip below:
A video posted by Ooooooo La La! (@ooolalablog) on

Well damn, tell us how you really feel, Keyshia! I hope everything works out for her and hopefully she doesn't give up on love.

Check out a couple of clips of her performing last night:

[Photo: Instagram]

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