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A Woman Dies in Car Wreck After Chasing Her Husband and His Mistress

This story is crazy and just sad.

According to multiple reports, a Houston, Texas woman was killed in a car wreck Thursday as she chased her estranged husband and his mistress who was with him.

According to the Daily News, the wife (Nancy Acosta), who is also a mother of three, was trying to run her husband's (Freddy) car off the road. This caused her to lose control when she bumped his vehicle and her car went into oncoming traffic, colliding with a Honda. 

The wife died on the scene, the driver of the Honda remains in critical condition, and the husband and his mistress are not hurt. 


Ladies, I understand love can make you do some crazy things, but sometimes it's not worth it. It's a shame how this all turned out and that the wife died. Prayers go out to her family. 

[Source: Daily News, Photo: Twitter]

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