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SPOILERS: 'Power' Season 2, Episode 1 (Full Recap)


This post contains spoilers for season 2 of Power

Full Recap: Episode 201 "Consequences"

Power returns this Saturday, June 6th on Starz, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first five episodes!

Season 1 of Power left everyone in shock after Pink Sneakers tried to kill Jaime 'Ghost' in his own club. The bullet missed Jaime but hit Holly in the neck! 

Tommy shot and killed Nomar and now he's on the run. Tommy also heard Angela identify herself as a federal prosecutor. What will he do now?

Continue reading below for season 2, episode 1 SPOILERS!

Tommy Knows Angela's True Identity, 
He Doesn't Trust Ghost,
and He Loves Holly

The premiere of season 2 picks right back up where last season left off... Pink Sneakers is on the run and she's making an escape after missing her target. 

Jaime is standing in his club with Holly's blood on him and he gets questioned by police.

"Can you think of anyone who may want you dead?," he's asked.

Jaime calmly responds, "no." 

But, there's a number of people who want to see Jaime dead. 

Now, Jaime has to deal with the aftermath of the shooting. He cancels his Miami trip with Angela and reassures her that he still loves her. 

Tommy knows the truth about Angela, she's a United States federal prosecutor. Tommy also thinks Jaime knew all along and he believes his best friend is setting him up!  

Jaime tries several times to reach out to Tommy after the shooting at his club, but Tommy ignores all of his calls and goes into hiding at his mother's house. 

Tommy calls Holly, but the call goes straight to voicemail. Tommy still doesn't know Holly was shot. He leaves Holly a message saying he has to leave town for a few days and he says he loves Holly! Tommy feels like Holly is the only person he can trust now. 

Problems at the Office, 
Angela Removed From the Lobos Case

Back at the office, Angela now has to deal with the consequences for Nomar's death. She feels guilty and responsible because she missed Nomar's phone call right before he died, and Nomar was supposed to be in the safe house. 

A new supervisor is introduced in place of Frankie who gets promoted, and he takes over the Lobos task force. This new supervisor also assigns a new leader of the group, and now Angela is officially taken off the case. 

But, she continues to work on finishing her sketch which is of a white male who she believes is Ghost, Felipe Lobos' prime distributors. Little does Angela know, she's sleeping with Ghost. Will she find out? Stay tuned for that!

**Extra future spoiler: Angela will soon identify the sketch as Tommy!**

Angela continues doing her own investigation even though she's off the Lobos case. 

She kept Nomar's cellphone and finds Isabela's number. Remember, Isabel is Carlos' daughter. Nomar sent the d*ck picture to Isabel, her father saw, and he asked Tommy for a favor, to kill Nomar. 

Angela even attends Nomar's funeral, she see's Isabela there and contacts her later. Angela needs her help and wants Isabela to finish the rest of the sketch so she can track down Nomar's killer (who she believes is Ghost). 

Kanan is on the loose!

Last season, we saw Kanan (50 Cent) get released from prison. He's now a free man and ready to start trouble! 

While Kanan is riding around with his son, Shawn, Tasha calls and tells Shawn what went down at the club. 

Kanan listens and now knows Pink Sneakers missed her target, Jaime is still alive. Kanan had an agenda. Kanan planned on having Jaime killed while he was in jail so it doesn't trace back to him. 

Kanan knows it's impossible to break up Jaime and Tommy. With Jaime gone, Kanan planned on taking Tommy in only to kill him later and run everything with his own crew of guys who we get introduced to this season. 

Kanan is now on a mission to find and kill Pink Sneakers. His new plan is to attack Jaime from the inside and play friendly for now. 

He also tells Shawn not to tell Jaime or anyone else that he's out of jail. Shawn doesn't understand why his father doesn't want to see Jaime. Later on in the episode, Kanan gives Shawn a gun to carry for protection and says it may come in handy later. 

Kanan plans on using his son as his personal inside source to know Jaime's whereabouts. 

When it comes down to it, will Shawn follow his dad and protect him or will he stay true to Jaime who he calls Uncle?

Jaime's Secret is Out!
He Finds Out Tasha Knows About Angela

With Tommy being gone and Truth on the verge of closure, Jaime realizes he needs more legit cash, he needs Truth up and running again. 

Tasha is scared for his life and she offers to help Jaime with the drug business since Tommy is absent. She's really a down a** chick! 

"You got me Ghost, always have," she says.

But, one thing... Tasha tells Jaime he has to stop seeing Angela! 

"... just one thing I need you to do for me, stop seeing Angela," Tasha says. "Your phone, you should have been more careful with your phone." 

Jaime replies, "I'll handle it."

Jaime Can't Let Angela Go

In the next scene, Jaime is having sex with Angela! Oh, he's handling it alright. 

Jaime and Angela continue their steamy love affair and sneaking off on their lunch dates despite of what he told Tasha. 

Angela wants Jaime to move in, but he says he needs more time and that he couldn't afford a divorce right now with everything going on at the club.

"My situation changed that's all, not the way I feel about you," he says to her. 

Jaime can't break his hold from Angela and he tells her to be strong for them. He promises Angela they'll be together. 

Meanwhile, Tasha believes the shooting at the club refocused Jaime, so she tells her friend Lakeisha (La La Anthony). 

Lakeisha calls BS and calls out Tasha for hiding money from Jaime and sending it to her house. Remember, last season Tasha decided to open up another account to put her own money to the side after finding out Jaime was cheating on her. 

Changes at the Truth Club

Jaime attends a meeting with the board and he gets approved to reopen Truth.

Remember Simon Stern? He's the renowned millionaire and club owner who was trying to partner and make a deal with Ghost last season. 

Well, he's back and Jaime's life is not going to get any easier. 

Jaime refuses to work with Simon again until he finds out he has no choice because Simon bought the building and is now Jaime's new landlord! 

Jaime not only has issues going on with his club, but he has to worry about his drug business as well. He has twice the amount of drugs to move for Lobos. 

With Tommy still missing in action, Jaime reaches out to the Q-dubs, a black gang. But, the leader is hesitant to do business with Jaime because he doesn't know who killed his brother... his brother is Rolla! Remember, Jaime killed Rolla last season (Rolla was his friend) and now it's going to come back to haunt him. 

Jaime Finds Tommy, 
and Learns the Truth About Angela

Tommy was supposed to meet up with Jaime but didn't show. Jaime realizes Tommy is still in town after a little investigation of his own, and decides to call Tommy's mother. She lies to Jaime and says she hasn't spoken to her son in weeks. Tommy is standing right in the background and listening. When she hangs up with Jaime, her and Tommy take turns snorting cocaine. 

Later on in the episode, Jaime pops up at Tommy's mother's house. Tommy and Jaime are now face-to-face and Tommy is holding a gun. 

Tommy reveals he went to Angela's house and was ready to kill her until he saw luggage. He doesn't understand how Jaime could turn on him and run off with Angela, so he thinks. 

Jaime admits he was going to Miami with Angela, but says it had nothing to do with Tommy. Tommy still isn't buying it and reveals Angela is a federal prosecutor. 

Jaime is shocked by what Tommy is telling him. 

When Tommy see's the look on Jaime's face, he realizes Jaime had no idea. Jaime really believed Angela was just a lawyer, like she told him. 

So now Tommy see's Jaime wasn't setting him up, and Jaime feels like Angela has been playing him this entire time. 

Tommy thinks everything was a set up, even the night Angela first reunited with Jaime and bumped into him at the club. 

Tommy wants to kill Angela before she turns them into the police. But, Jaime says they need to think first. Tommy doesn't want to think, he wants to take action.

There's something Tommy needs to know first, before they continue to talk about Angela. Tommy finally finds out that Holly was shot. Him and Jaime rush to the hospital and Tommy stays right by Holly's side. 

Jaime leaves the hospital and heads over to Angela's house... with a gun! 

Oh sh*t.

Angela greets Jaime at the door and is surprised to see him because she didn't expect him to come over. 

Jaime walks in, glances around Angela's house and he has a serious but cool expression on his face. You can tell he's thinking and trying to figure out the news he just learned. 

"I love you, Jaime," Angela says.

He responds, "You do, don't you?"

Jaime takes a seat on Angela's couch and says, "so baby, how was work?"

Uh oh! 

And that's the end of episode 1, folks!

Will Jaime kill Angela!? But, will Angela first find out that Jaime is Ghost? 

Will Tasha find out Jaime is still seeing Angela behind her back?

Kanan poses a threat this season, will he come between Ghost and Tommy and take over the drug business? 

Will Kanan ever find the Pink Sneakers chick? 

Tommy professed his love for Holly on her voicemail, but will she survive being shot? 

I have the answers! 

Check back soon for episode 2 spoilers, I got you!

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