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A Paramus, NJ ShopRite Employee Says Fetty Wap Assaulted Him

Fetty Wap may be in some trouble!

The 25-year-old Paterson, NJ, rapper - whose real name is  Willie Maxwell II - and his entourage may have been involved in some sort of attack last week in Paramus, NJ. 

According to, police are trying to find out whether Fetty is the guy who assaulted a ShopRite employee. 

The 19-year-old employee told police he believed Fetty Wap was part of a group that attacked him while he was working in the checkout line Friday evening.

(via: NorthJersey.comThe incident started with a woman slapping the male employee, according to a police report. Three other people with the woman thought that the employee had insulted her, and they joined in attacking him, the report said.

Police observed minor swelling on the employee’s face. The employee declined to press charges but was told he could do so at a later date. 

Police detectives are working to establish the identities of the group, to learn their side of the story and in the event that the employee changed his mind about filing a complaint. It was not clear from ShopRite surveillance footage or a cell phone video recorded by a witness, which was provided to the celebrity gossip website TMZ, if Fetty Wap was part of the group.

“Maybe it looks like him,” the chief said. “We can’t go by, uh, it looks like him. We need more evidence than that.”

Police have obtained surveillance video but declined to release it, but did say what's seen on the tape does not definitely prove the rapper was involved. 

[Photo: Instagram]

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