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Chris Tucker is Getting Sued For His Comedy Special Days Before Its Release

Chris Tucker is getting sued for his Netflix comedy special days before its release! Damn, that sucks.

Comedian Terry Hodges is suing Netflix and Tucker, claiming he's done a ton of work for Tucker on this special but hasn't been paid in years, according to TMZ
TMZ reports: Hodges says he's racked up $66k in fees, during trips to Philadelphia, L.A., and Atlanta -- and hasn't been regularly paid since 2011. On top of that, he says Tucker promised to make him a co-producer ... which would entitle him to a little back end, but that also fell through.  
Tucker's attorney Marty Singer told TMZ, "This lawsuit is absurd and completely without merit. We fully expect this case to be thrown out by the court." 
Tucker's comedy special will be released this Friday, July 10th. Check out the trailer below:


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