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'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion Scoop: Joseline Hernandez Exposes More of Mimi Faust's Secrets + Which Cast Members Need to Get the Boot

** Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Spoilers**

Oooooh Chile! 

I read an eye full about the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' reunion which taped Wednesday (July 15). You already know each and every season the cast reunites to discuss the highlights of the season.

Then there's some cast members who come ready to pop off (*clears throat* Joseline). 

** Don't you remember what happened last season? Watch here

Instagram user @_tastycaramelvixen attended the reunion the other day and had some interesting tea to share. Now, I can't confirm nor deny if this tea is 100% true or not, because I wasn't there, but it's an interesting read...

It seems like Joseline is cool with Mimi and with Jessica Dime now! Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J are all friends now and will continue to have threesomes (more on that later, keep reading!) 

Stevie J's reunion look
Also, Stevie wants Mimi's BFF Ariane and Jessica Dime to join in on their "fun" next time, and Joseline is supposedly down with it. 

Last season, Joseline went crazy on a lot of the cast members. Well, it seems like no one tried her at this reunion... the only person who supposedly came for Joseline was Nikko! 

Nikko also supposedly kept talking crap about Eva (Mimi and Stevie's daughter). 


@_tastycaramelvixen wrote: 

"Just came from seeing Love & Hip Hop ATL reunion. I'm so happy at Joseline. She apologized 2 Mimi & what shocked me was Mimi, Joseline & Stevie all had a 3 sum & Joseline said Mimi vagina taste good."

"Everybody looked good. Their glam squads was on point. It was an interesting reunion 2night."

"I'm mad they took our phones so we wasn't allowed 2 take photos. But 1 guy brung 2 phones & was posting it on Instagram & they deleted the pics & kicked him out."

"Jessica Dime went in on an audience member. It got real. Joseline was about to jump Nikko." 


I also read on someone else's Instagram that Nikko is allegedly bi and that is the secret that Stevie kept saying he knew in the beginning of the season. 

The whole Mimi, Joseline and Stevie sex thing is old news though, didn't we know this already? Someone spilled those beans already. 

More reunion scoop I found on Twitter:

If the Atlanta season comes back, I need some changes:

I'm so over Mimi Faust's story line and she shouldn't have a main role anymore, unless 
Mona Scott-Young comes up with something more creative. 

Nikko and his wife aren't needed anymore and neither is Ariane. 

Keep Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J because there's no show without them.

I'm so over Kirk Frost and Rasheeda. How many more fake problems can they have in their marriage? Their story line is dried up. 

Definitely keep Young Joc's ass because he is a funny character, and with all those baby's momma's, his drama will stay entertaining

Keep Jessica Dime because she's a fire cracker and I would like to see if her career actually goes somewhere. I will also like to see if her and Joseline remain cool.

I like Lil' Scrappy and The Bambi, but Erica's story line has dried up. Since her and Scrappy aren't together anymore, what's the point of Erica being on the show? At least change up her story line and give her a new man or something besides the child support drama. 

Bambi and Scrappy boo'd up and ready for the reunion

Momma Dee is so very extra, lol. But, I think she should stay for entertainment purposes. Let's see how the queen of the kingdom treats her new husband, since she's a married woman now. 

And, why is Karlie Redd still on the show? She's like another Ariane, useless right now. They need a purpose on the show to make their story line pop. How about Young Joc hooks up with Karlie again and this pisses off Khadiyah ... just throwing ideas out there. 

I like Kaleena and her husband, Tony, plus she's a little gangsta when need be, so keep her. It seems like Kaleena and Rasheeda fall out as friends, which doesn't matter anyway because Rasheeda's story line is boring now. 

Mona needs to revamp this entire Atlanta season and bring in new people, period. 

Kaleena and Tony ready for the reunion to go down

The LHHATL reunion airs on 
August 24 and 31 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.
Will you be tuned in? I will!