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Rant: Nicki Minaj Needs to Get Over Herself, There Are Other Artists Who Deserve to Be Nominated Over Her

Yesterday, princess Nicki Minaj blew up at MTV and vented her frustrations on Twitter about the music industry not acknowledging black women. All of this started when MTV released the Video Music Awards nominations and Nicki saw she wasn't nominated for 'Video of the Year' (read more on that here). 

Today, the rapper is retweeting major media outlets and their articles on the subject. I also stated my opinion below:

Now, I like Nicki, but where is her publicist or where is her boo Meek to snatch her damn cellphone away and log her out of Twitter? (oh my bad, he's busy exposing Drake) 

Nicki's Twitter timeline, in my opinion, is making her look salty. I get it, she's mad that she wasn't nominated and blah, blah, blah, but don't cry about it publicly... What is that going to do?? 

And, don't try and drag Beyonce and her BeyHive in this... You don't see her acting out over "Feeling Myself" not being nominated.

I'm at the point where I'm like just give Nicki the damn 'Video of the Year' award already so she can stop. 

Perez Hilton might have come off a bit strong yesterday with his tweets, but I get his point... there are other black artists nominated in the category. 

Nicki's video did not make the cut, suck it up, and get over it. You can't win 'em all! 

Now, if we're talking about the overall history of black artists and award shows, that's a different story ... But c'mon, "Anaconda" was a booty shaking video (it was nice and all) but I don't think it deserves 'Video of the Year,' my opinion.

Do you know how many other better videos should have been nominated but didn't make the cut? Do you see people like J.Cole having a pity party? Let's talk about how many times he's been cheated out of awards. 

Now, I feel like ranting... Why didn't J. Cole get nominated? Why didn't he win 'Best New Artist' at the Grammy's or Soul Train Music Awards a couple of years ago? Why didn't his video for "Crooked Smile" win the VMA for 'Best Video with a Social Message' last year? Why didn't he win at the BET Awards this year?? 

And, it's not just J. Cole who gets cheated, there's others artists too. 

This is the Video Music Awards, not The Grammy's or the Video Music Awards. C'mon, Nicki, do better. 

And no, I'm no hater, I just have an opinion. 

Anyway, I'm done... There's other more important issues going on.

- La La

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