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Kylie Jenner Stars in Tyga's Newest Video "Stimulated"

Ahh, it's a beautiful thing to be legal. 

Kylie Jenner can now add video vixen to her resume, thanks to Tyga. She stars in her hip hop boyfriend's new "Stimulated" video which is off his mixtape, Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout.

In the video, Tyga and Kylie make out as he raps about their age difference. He's 25 and she hasn't even been legal for a month yet. 

“She a big girl dog… I’m penetrating," he raps in the song. 

Woahhh, slow down there, Tyga!

With Kylie now being 18 years old, we can now expect these two to push their love in our faces... just like Nicki and Meek, we can't get away from it, lol.

We've already started seeing Kylie and Tyga become more comfortable with holding hands, kissing in public, vacationing together, making appearances together at award shows, etc. 

At least with Kylie being 18, Tyga doesn't have to pay Kris Jenner for child support anymore, hahaaa! All jokes. 

Check out his new video below:

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