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UPDATED! 'Being Mary Jane' Season 3 Sneak Peek

Season 3 of the scripted drama series Being Mary Jane is coming back Tuesday, Oct. 20th at 9 p.m. EST on BET!

While watching the MTV Video Music Awards last night on BET, BMJ fans were blessed with a sneak peek of the hit show. 

Last season ended with an explosive two-part finale. In the final scene, Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) butt dialed her ex, David (Stephen Bishop) and overheard a conversation between him and her on-again-off again friend Lisa (Latarsha Rose). 

MJ happened to be driving in the rain when she overheard Lisa and David discussing a sexual experience they once shared... something MJ didn't know anything about. 

The news shocked MJ and she lost control of her vehicle, swerved into another car on the road and crashed. David and Lisa heard the crash from the other end of the phone, realizing MJ was on the line the entire time. 

What will happen next season!?? Will MJ confront David and Lisa about their betrayal? 

It looks as if the third season picks right back up at the crash scene with medical help attending to MJ, and she gets rushed to the hospital. 

Also, according to Entertainment Weekly, Loretta Devine and Jill Scott will guest star in this new season.

In the sneak peek below, MJ's mother, Helen (Margaret Avery) meets up with Lisa and questions her past with David. Press play and check out their conversation:

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More awesomeness coming in the near future!

UPDATE!!! My video was deleted off YouTube (booooo!) ... BUT, I uploaded a new video below, check out the sneak peek:

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